Guide to Interactive Maps

发布于 05-16

1. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all my friends! Thanks to the translators for their great help in translating this website, to Afrodiy for providing the map files, and thanks to stormywaves for providing resource location information! It was thanks to their comprehensive assistance that we were able to successfully launch the interactive maps.



2.Language translator:Afrodiy


If you would like to help translate the site into another language, we invite you to join our translation team via the feedback feature and we can try to create an appropriate language version suitable for your country!



3. You can mark resources or other points you find in the game. Simply click on the corresponding point on the map and mark it. The marked point will be dimmed to indicate that you have found the resource or have visited this location.

4. If you need to reset all marked points of a particular type, select the required resource in the left panel and click the button to the right of the resource.

5. For some particularly hard to access or important resources, we have described how to get them. If you have a more precise and clear explanation or a screenshot, please leave it in the comments section of the corresponding point on the map.

6. If you need to add custom points to the map, you can do it using the function of the same name in the left panel.

7. If you would like to transfer your saved map data to another device or browser, log in to your account and use the data archive function in the lower left corner of the website. You can then synchronize your data by logging into your account on another browser or device.

8. If you encounter any problems while using the website, you can always use the feedback function at the bottom left corner of the website or contact Map_Jing on Discord.